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City Mechanic and Towing Hub
Character Name:
Justin Case

Business name:
The Werks LLC.

What exactly does this business do?:

The Werks LLC. would deploy tow for police and civilian calls, repair and modify vehicles for city civilians, as well as the ability for civilian owned vehicles to be stored in Impound/Garage. It would also require to be an employee of the business in order to pull out a tow or to be a mechanic at all.

There are 3 buildings on the premises. The main building, would serve as a garage/repair station as well as the main office. The building pictured to the left is what would be used for police impound as well as tow truck pull out/drop off. The final building behind the repair station pictured, would be used as warehouse storage if parts become a thing in the future.

Location would be the repair shop on the corner of innocence blvd and Power Street.
[Image: 6b42cb8e296d8518d490b7fba627528a.jpg]
[Image: unknown.png]

Inside the main office would be a desk and computer (normal office style area) for employees. Accessing the computer would allow one to assign the job to civilians using their first and last name and give them their position in the company. Same ranking there is now, new employees would be recruits, and certain trusted employees would get a higher rank to be able to access the business computer and employ them after an interview process. Recruits would only be able to pull out one of the three tow truck models. Obviously we may need a tow call function, but anyone employed either through The Werks LLC. business or another would get a notification for the latest tow call. All tow operators would be allowed to respond to the call, and say the company is on the way.

No more roadside repair, customer cars would have to be brought to the shop for any repairs or modifications. As for pricing, repairs would be 1/2 of what it would cost to repair at LS Customs, same for modifications, but the company would charge them more than what it costs the employee to apply the modification (non employees would in turn pay only 3/4 of what LS Customs costs for everything).

There would be assigned local (gta) times for the car sales and modification side of the business to be open, and for it to be officially closed. The towing part of the business can be operated 24/7 as there is ALWAYS something to do in the city!

Have two of the bay doors be able to be opened, and locked outside of business hours. All that's needed inside the bays, would be a lift in each of the open bays, tool boxes at the back of the bays, and maybe a couple parts storage racks in one of the empty corners (think of how the repair shop on the outskirts of mirror park looks).

As for spawners, a small enter-able circle at the little door on the left building (building #2), for civilians to retrieve their vehicle from the companies police impound/hold. Cost would be $200, and the money would go to the city and to help funding of the PD/DOJ. At the big sliding door of the same building, would be an area only accessible by employees to retrieve and store their tow truck(s), as well as one for impounding vehicles.

Third building can be for a storage spot there much like homes.

Vehicle sales and spawner can be located in the area around the front of the location minus the large blue fence. Maybe some yellow poles instead so the vehicles can be seen from the roads. Test drives would also be a thing of interest as most would like to try the vehicle before it is purchased.
If you'd like to implement this still, you can buy the lot and work the mechanic job and do this, Please contact me regarding more info.

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