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KingpinRP Rules and Regulations
[Image: xpDrkiTZf2bntqQ-wH577k07MspgQ0RborIz7h1Q...tNg5HzL8ac]
Please read over these rules accurately and properly, the definitions here are final, Ignorance and Misinterpretation of these rules are not valid defense points.

Generalized Rules

Quality of Roleplay: As a member of the community you must have a working microphone, clearly speak and understand English, and must roleplay out every situation. This is a serious roleplay server so you must keep all things in character, and act out your life accordingly. Failure to abide by the Quality of Roleplay Kingpin RP strives for can and will lead to disciplinary action, this includes Mic Spamming. Shooting locals from their vehicles just to shoot them is poor quality of roleplay, you can still use other methods of getting them out of their vehicle

Toxicity: Toxicity is seen as a negative attitude toward either the community or other members thereof. This means bringing, starting, adding to, or participating in any forms of drama starting, or fire starting in discord, or in game is seen as toxicity. Do not be toxic toward any members of the community, or toward the community itself. You may voice your opinions openly, but do not try to indoctrinate anyone.

Speech: Any sexist, racist, homophobic, or derogatory remarks of any kind toward Race, Religion, Gender, Gender Identity, etc. Are strictly prohibited, any speech of this kind will result in disciplinary action.

Metagaming: Metagaming is mixing out of character information with in character information. Any information you gather from OOC, Discord (other than if being used as a bluetooth), Teamspeak, Streams/Clips/Recordings cannot be used on your character. This also means your characters cannot share information, any information one character knows used on another is metagaming.

Powergaming: Powergaming is forcing players to do specific roleplay without any choice, or inflicting unrealistic types of roleplay. Forcing roleplay upon another person without their choice, or being unrealistic in your roleplay including forcing someone to Perma their character. will count for disciplinary action. 

If you have been charged with a life sentence, it is not considered powergaming to force you to prison full-time. This is because you are roleplaying the life of a criminal, and in a realistic aspect you will do the jail time for it. It is also because you have endured the life sentence policy under the DOJ of a long-winded trial.

New Life Rule (NLR): When you bleed out and respawn at the hospital, you must forget the last 15 minutes prior to your death. This means you are not to immediately return to the place you died, you may not seek revenge on any person who caused your death. You may not join back to roleplay circumstances, and you cannot tell others about how you died, you only remember that you “woke up at the hospital.” If you are revived you do not need to forget the last 15 minutes.

Not Valuing Life (NVL): If a person has a weapon pointed at you while you remain empty handed, you MUST abide by their demands, and put your hands up. You are in fear of your life as you have no means to protect yourself. You must comply with demands at a reasonable pace. If their weapon is no longer on you, and or you already have a weapon drawn you may attempt to defend yourself at your own risk.

Exploiting/Cheating: Exploiting is using a known bug, or error to your advantage. Being caught using macros to farm jobs, robbing banks/stores outside of the vault/counter or using these bugs/errors to your advantage will result in HEAVY punishment. Cheating is known as using any software or “hack tool” to your advantage. This includes using crosshairs, even ones built in to your monitor. Using any tool to have an advantage over someone else unfairly is cheating, this includes trainers, or menus.

Random Death Matching (RDM): Random killing or attacking a player without a good roleplay reason is not allowed. You must initiate yourself into a situation verbally, giving clear and concise demands. You must give the person you are giving demands ample time to perform said demands. If a player complies you must verbally provide in RP a reason to continue with force, this includes Kill On Sight (KOS) orders. If you are caught randomly killing or attacking a player as “revenge” to stop an RDMer you will also be punished as it is not your job to take matters into your own hands.

Vehicle Death Matching (VDM): Using your vehicle as a weapon under any circumstances is not okay. You may not attack nor kill a person with your vehicle. Doing so will lead to disciplinary action.

Prohibited Vehicles/Areas: Entering the military base and or stealing it’s vehicles is prohibited. This means any vehicle’s inside of the military base may not be stolen. You also are not allowed to steal and fly any helicopters in the city, or drive/steal LSPD, BCSO, LSMD or CHP vehicles.
You may not enter Mission Row Detention Area without LEO approval, or Bolingbroke Prison.

“Green Zones:” Only one area within the city is classified as a green zone. This is the center of legion square, only people who are creating a character in this area qualify to be apart of that green zone, running into the area to remove yourself from situations or hostile RP will be seen as Poor Quality of RP.

Gang Activity: You may only have one character involved in a gang/business storyline at a time. If you have a character within separate gangs and the storylines intertwine, you must choose one to go forth until the storyline no longer intertwines.

Police Chases: During police chases, driving unrealistically by taking jumps, jumping off mountains, driving directly up a vertical slope, etc.. Will be considered Poor Quality of RP. You are attempting to escape the police but you must keep it realistic.

Combat Logging (CL): Combat logging is disconnecting from the server to avoid any form of RP. You may not disconnect to avoid death, combat, arrest, medical attention , or any form of RP. Doing so will result in disciplinary action.

Respawning in RP: While a medic is actively on scene providing medical care, you may not respawn without proper roleplay through /Me’s, constantly respawning after active situations and while a medic is picking you up will be seen as Poor Quality of RP.

Cop Baiting: Cop baiting is known as purposely doing a crime, or action with the sole purpose to drive police away from a separate crime, or to get police attention is prohibited, You may not ram cars in front of police, or do anything on purpose in front of the cops just for a reaction.

Stream Sniping: While playing inside of the server, you are strictly prohibited from being in the stream of any other person who is actively playing in the server. If you are seen on their viewer list and are constantly stream sniping, you will be removed from the community.

“Bluetooth”: Using any form of communication such as Discord or Teamspeak in game is perfectly allowed. But in doing so you must rebind your push to talk key to the same key that you use in game to speak. This goes for police and EMS dispatch as well, you must speak both in radio and out of radio when in game.

Usage of OOC: Using the /ooc chat is only allowed to ask for assistance from staff, to inform Circumstances in situations not covered in the generalized rules listed above.

Keep all unnecessary situations out of discord, go to DMs or the forums, or report it to the proper channels.

Fake Hostages: The usage of fake hostages is strictly prohibited. It is lazy and seen as poor quality of RP, there are plenty of people to kidnap, try it.

Non-Roleplay Behavior: Not properly acting out the life of a person of your own creation is against the rules. You may not blatantly advertise the sale of guns, not even over /ad. As per serious roleplay advertisements and twitter are connected to your person. You should be fearful of being caught, you must advertise the sale of illegal things as “toys” or “airsoft” etc. make it unique and have fun with it, do not advertise illegal items over twitter or /ad.

Criminal Activity Regulations: Criminal Organizations or Groups are not regulated to amount of members. When the criminal organizations or groups would like to commit any crime, they are only allowed to run in a group of 4. If you run in a group of more at any given point it will be considered powergaming.

Limitations Regarding Harassment
Kingpin RP is only responsible for its own servers. This includes the forums, the in-game services, the teamspeak, and the discord. Messages outside these avenues are beyond our control, we can advise for the person to be blocked, and if they circumvent that then we will ban and report them to discord for harassment.

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