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Steve's Staff App
Name: (First name & DiscordID (Ex: nickname#7486))
My first name is Cameron, but most people call me by my last name, Senra. Discord: Senra/Steve#5569

Timezone / Location: EST, I live is Rhode Island, USA.

SteamID: ( https://steamid.io/ )  76561198126312383

Tell us about yourself: (Hobbies, interests, ect.) My name is Cameron Senra, 24 years old, born and raised in Rhode Island. I travel all over the northeast for work, installing security systems for Dunkin Donuts. I am one of the Senior techs with my company, so I have experience supervisor and correcting people when needed. I usually play during the evening times but im always around on discord. I grew up on football and video games, the only 2 loves in my life (Dont tell my girlfriend). 

Character names on KPRP: Steve and John McCradle, Henry Ho

How long have you played on KPRP? Around a month to a month and a half.

Do you have previous staff experience? If yes please elaborate on your roles and responsibilities: I have never been staff on a RP server, however I have been part of leadership in other games. I have experience being Medical Director in multiple GTA RP servers.  As well as being the leader of a training alliance in a game called Evony. My duties there were to take on new players and train and teach them the game so they can become a force to be reckoned with and move on up to our bigger and scarier brother alliance.

Why do you feel you deserve this position? I believe I deserve this position because I am having a blast on this server and wish to help keep it a fun a safe place to play. I have experience with helping new players and handling situations that have gone wrong.

What makes you different from other applicants? What makes me different from the other applicants is that I bring leadership experience and understanding. I have the knowledge of having to create a community when I started the training alliance, as well as having to help rebuild multiple medical departments from the ground up.

In your own words explain what makes good role play: What makes good role play is being able to think on your feet and react quickly. You must be able to move with the flow and accepts what happens, even when it doesn't go in your own favor. 

Do you have any extra information to add: Lets bring out the WL server!
This person was accepted into a two week trial period.

Trial Period Started: 4/19/2019

As of Week One: Exceeding expectations. Deals with situations accordingly, does not show any bias, and knows how to keep a calm, understanding demeanor while also enforcing the server's ruleset.

Will Update as of Week 2.

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