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Bell Staff app
Name: Matthew & Bell#4733


Timezone / Location:EST/Ontario

SteamID: https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/Bellooper/

Tell us about yourself: Name’s Matt, everyone know me as Bell. Besides my activities on KingPin I’m currently obtaining my technical licenses after finishing up my Uni degree. Interests include excessive manga and anime consumption and reading old ass Sci-fi novels by authors like Robert Heinlein. Hobbies include learning to do tricks on an unresponsive yoyo and buying things I probably shouldn’t.

Character names on KPRP: Belle Cooper, Grandma Bellooper

How long have you played on KPRP? 1 Month, generally in city 4+ hours a day, was invited to join medical due to my extensive experience across multiple servers

Do you have previous staff experience? If yes please elaborate on your roles and responsibilities:
I do not have previous staff experience, with little to no point of trying due to restrictions that did not permit head leadership of a department to apply. Closest example would be my experience firefighting within the Medical department and when we butted heads with the LSPD. In these situations I was normally successful in defusing the issue.

Why do you feel you deserve this position?
I have a good reputation with a large portion of the Kingpin community and have garnered respect over my months/years of interacting with them. With this said, I can be relied on to remain impartial when dealing with both in and out of game interactions(discord), along with effectively enforcing the rules and guidelines of both. I don’t feel like I’m per say deserving of this role, but I feel I can fill the shoes I’m expected to step into if I were to receive the position.

What makes you different from other applicants?
I know how to deal with the shit that comes hand in hand with any RP server, from juvenile kids to pissed off and arrogant adults. My presence is to maintain civility on the discord, forums, and within the city, along with ensuring that everyone within all three are conforming with the rules established within each. If this can’t be done, then I’m there to reinforce these rules by following through with the appropriate penalties.

In your own words explain what makes good role play:
Good Roleplay is when a person is able to develop their character and stick within the defined personality they have given it. While not necessary, a good roleplay is inclusive and generally enhances the experiences of other people around them. A good example of this is a robbery and the treatment of a hostage. While it’s common for robbers to have little interaction with the hostage, a good roleplay of a criminal would keep up interaction with the person. We’re all here to have fun in the end, and making the guy stand in a corner for 15 minutes because you and your buddies want to play Cops and Robbers is not fun, nor inclusive.

Do you have any extra information to add: Steve McCradle is one sexy Mofo.
This person was accepted into a two week trial period.

Trial Period Started: 4/19/2019

As of Week One: Exceeding expectations. Deals with situations accordingly, does not show any bias, and knows how to keep a calm, understanding demeanor while also enforcing the server's ruleset.

Will Update as of Week 2.

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