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DinoHowe's Staff App
Name: Torin Howell DinoHowe#9096

Age: 17

Timezone / Location: Gmt (Uk Time Zone)

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:73816015

Tell us about yourself: (Hobbies, interests, ect.)

Hi My name is Torin Howell but you can call me Dino, i'm a huge RP nerd that enjoys playing games, food, exersize and Flying around the skys in my Cessna 152. ( Yes IRL ) Im a gamer that has a part time job and attends college but I spent all my free time on games or travelling. My goal in life is to become a airline pilot, though it may be a few years till I get anywhere near this. Im not amazing at texting about myself so please, feel free to Pm me or call me on discord and Ill go in detail there if you are interested that much. Big Grin
Character names on KPRP:

Dino Howe

How long have you played on KPRP?

Two Weeks.

Do you have previous staff experience? If yes please elaborate on your roles and responsibilities:

Unturned: For this game i was a "Co" on a popular server called BestRoleplay, I was in charge of Bans, Appeals and All staff other than adrien the owner. I have 396 hours in the game and at least 300 of them was in that server, this was mainly administrating as with all the tickets and "Admin i got kosed" I hardly had time to play. I did this until the server shut down a year later.

Gmod: Although this was a short time, I was Mod on a server in the category of DarkRp for a few months going through tickets but this time unlike my last staff experience I Balanced playing with doing my job. After this I moved onto a StarWars RP Server, this was at first not a staff position but a casual gaming sesh for after school at the time. Then the server needed more staff on EU times I helped out with moderating the server when the admins logged off. I continued to play and Mod for 300+ hours until i left school and moved on to a different game. My total playing time on Gmod racked up to 535 hours.

These are my only major staff events, the others are not worth mentioning. 

Why do you feel you deserve this position?

I'm not sure about deserving the position but I have much experience in helping players and servers, so if you need an eu Mod I may be of use.

What makes you different from other applicants?

I grantee there is someone with similar experience or even better experience that applied to join the staff team,but my attitude shall always be bright and respectful towards every player even if they are in they in return give me a hard time. I take rule breaking seriously without losing composer, i'm not bias towards friends or other people close to me, I look at the evidence layed in front of me and make sure my decision is far and justified. Also if i'm unsure ill always refer to the other staff for feedback.

In your own words explain what makes good role play:

Character and Immersion:
Its super important to create a well thought of character with a back story that really shows the commitment you have for the role play experience, the greater the  development and Immersive your character is the better the role play will be.

Immersion is a huge part of good role play, if you break character it could ruin your own experience but also others. Role play is about forgeting the bad things around you and to enjoy yourself as another person.

Do you have any extra information to add:

Thank you for reading and taking the time to consider me. <3
This person was accepted into a two week trial period.

Trial Period Started: 4/19/2019

As of Week One: Good Standing... Needs work on when to do admin/staff sits, and when to use OOC sand when to clear it.

Will Update as of Week 2.

Broke Staff Regulations

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