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Marko Gypsy's Application
Name: (First name & DiscordID (Ex: nickname#7486)) Marko Ady#8201

Age: 26

Timezone / Location: PST / California

SteamID: ( https://steamid.io/ ) STEAM_0:0:18865110 76561197997995948

Tell us about yourself: (Hobbies, interests, ect.) I'm just a 26 year old with too much time on my hands. I basically just play video games and go to school full time for Networking / System Administrator. Over all I feel like I try to stay unbiased and level header to figure out situations.

Character names on KPRP: Marko Gypsy, Duke Nachbar, Ady Smuthy, Santiago-Luis-Diego Martinez-Rodriguez

How long have you played on KPRP? About a month

Do you have previous staff experience? If yes please elaborate on your roles and responsibilities: Yes, I've helped on multiple servers from CSGO to Fivem the main ones are Sneak's Surf Servers, STRP and TangoRP. I was a moderator at STRP and helped with monitoring peoples actions in the server and helping uphold the rule set. I was an Assistant Manager at TangoRP in which I helped modifying the rules that were created at STRP and help them fit the rule set we wanted. Other responsibilities I had at Tango were handling player / staff reports and handling situations in which others would be seen to have a bias.

Why do you feel you deserve this position? I feel like since I've been here I've showed a genuine interest in improving the overall experience for everyone here. I've specifically tried to cut out all OOC talking and constant rdming. I feel like with the push that I've helped lead that the server has improved a good amount but still needs some help. That being said it's in the right direction and I would hope that I could assist in that further.

What makes you different from other applicants? My experience in the rule set that we play under. Being a mod at STRP I really learned the rules inside and out. After STRP I went to Tango and helped improve the rules that STRP had a bit and get a lot of experience in being an Administrator. I try to stay as unbiased as possible and hear all the sides of a situation before making a judgement call. I'd prefer to speak to someone over instantly banning them. 

In your own words explain what makes good role play: I personally feel good roleplay is trying to have character development within the rules. Making sure to not break character or go into ooc because at the end of the day everyone needs to develop their character too so losing a situation isn't always a bad thing.

Do you have any extra information to add: The only thing I want to add is that I feel like I would fit into the time slot that some people are not around. The only times I'm not available is when I'm in school.

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