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Doug MacDonald Staff Application
Name: Jonathan lacronda#6676

Age: 19

Timezone / Location: Eastern Standard Time

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57582523

Tell us about yourself: (Hobbies, interests, ect.)

I personally love to machine metal. Its almost a branch off of woodworking, but I cant deny I favor machining more. The fact that you can make almost anything you'd every want, or need, is an amazing skill to have and trains your brain to think critically and in a step by step matter to get the job done in a conventional way. I've been machining for over 5 years now, and I haven't gotten tired of it. I truly am glad I picked this field of work/hobby. One time I went with my father to work with him on the weekend, and there was a man named Edward that we were working for. He had custom made wooden locomotives, train cars, and rails that were all hand made by himself. He also had a collection of steam/air powered engines that he had hand machined in his own basement, and one would even run off the heat of your hand. He brought me down into his basement where his makeshift shop was, and I knew right then and there, that this is what I would want when Im older and have enough free time no my hands. I think I would be down there all day and night working on projects that I think are a personal challenge and also cool to show off. I also have an interest in the board game Chess. Ive studied chess for a short amount of time before I had to focus on other things, but opening the first chapter of Chess is like going down a rabbit hole. Certain openings, strategies, looking ahead of moves, anticipating moves of your opponent, trapping said opponent, or outright outsmarting your opponent that didn't see a line that you saw. Its truly amazing the amount of puzzle solving and critical thinking you can extract in Chess, and that's why I show an interest in it.

Character names on KPRP:
Doug MacDonald
Eugene Graham (Uncle Sam. WIlly wonka)

How long have you played on KPRP?
Since the second week of march.

Do you have previous staff experience? If yes please elaborate on your roles and responsibilities:
I do have previous experience in RP, but not in any moderating position relating to RP. Mostly just community servers on Team Fortress 2 (which mean nothing lmao)

Why do you feel you deserve this position?
I feel I can give a level headed approach to any situation, and see both sides of the story. I do like to solve issues, and generally try and defuse the situation at hand before it escalates into something more.

What makes you different from other applicants?
I'm not sure, maturity perhaps? I don't feel like I have any advantage over any other applicants--especially previous staff members of role play servers. But that wont stop me from trying to give towards the community, seeing as its growing so fast and I would want everyone playing to have a good time while doing it.

In your own words explain what makes good role play:
Good role play to me is giving RP to other people to go off on. If you're just a one word Walter nobodys gonna want to try and interact with you. But if you try and make light of a lot of situations, it usually comes out better and everyone has a good time. I don't like getting angry, and have ran into some people who are pissed outside of the game over something that happened in a scenario and I think its really childish to bring that kind of attitude towards someone who is just playing a character.

Do you have any extra information to add:

I am most active around 5-10PM EST, but on weekends I am most active 1-10PM. I sadly cannot cover morning hours.
This person was accepted into a two week trial period. (Post-Toilers Leaving)

Trial Period Started: 4/19/2019

As of Week One: Great Standing, Has been going above and beyond, trying his best to deal with things, and deal with them accordingly and without bias.

Will Update as of Week 2.

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