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LSMD Application: Alexstraza Vostrikova
LSMD Application Format
1.)Real Age: 38
2.)Steam ID 64: 76561198160612050
3.)Global Time Zone. (Ex. Eastern US time, UTC -4): Mountain
4.)What times are you normally active on the server?:varies but usally after like 5Pm
5.)How long have you been actively playing on the server?: about 12 days usually play around 8 to 9 hours
6.)Have you ever received any form of punishment from the Kingpin Staff team?: just warning for no mic but I have fixed the issue
7.) Has your character ever been convicted of any crime, by any Kingpin Law enforcement agency? (DO NOT LIE): not on the character I will be applying on
8.) What is your Discord ID? (example: John#6187):tjani#3972
General Questions
1.) current RP Name:Tjani Morningstar is my crimnal but will be making another character upon approval.
2.) requested EMT Name: Alexstraza Vostrikova
3.) why do you want to join the Los Santos Medical Department? (Minimum of 200 characters):
I want to help make Los Santos a safer and healthier place live. While providing the best medical treatment to the best of my ability. I want to be part of an amazing medical team being from Russia was hard to find over in Russia. Which is why I decided to move to America. I want to help people in their time of needs as a few seconds making sure to offer the best care could be the difference between someone’s life or death.
4.) Why do you feel you would make a good EMT in the LSMD? (Minimum of 300 characters):
I was a field medic in Russian Army where I served for six years. After leaving the army tired to find work in Russia but most hospitals and EMS lacked proper medical supplies. Which was the reason for moving to America. I believe I will make a good MET in LSMD because I am passionate about work also hardworking. I love a hectic schedule and the stress that comes with the territory. Even saving people when my live could be in danger the satisfaction of saving someone’s life is so gratifying to me as makes me feel I helped do that.
5.) Previous Medical experience (if none that's okay to)? In IRL I use to be a EMT
I was part of the Russian army as a field medic. After my separation from the Russian army I work in a few hospitals before relocating to Los Santos.
6.) What is professionalism to you, and why is it important?
In the Medical field is Being able to give the best quality care to someone whether they are a Cop, Criminal, or a civilian. Treating them all with respect and equal treatment so we can help the society of Los Santos as a whole.
7.) Does your character use any drugs? No
Knowledge Questions
1.)    Explain what RDM, and VDM is:
RDM Is being killed or attacked by another without a good RP reason or story of why. ex. Being killed just for your money with no RP. another examples I s killing locals for the heck of killing with no RP.
VDM is running someone over for the just because you can. The only time we are authorized to use a vehicle as a weapon is we are in immediate Danger. ex. being shot at and you as EMS have no gun trying to save peoples lives not take them. But in that case criminal is just shooting at you can use it as he is trying to kill you.
2.) Explain what NLR is. Why is this rule in effect?: so that people can’t take for revenge after death or area or remember the last 15 minutes of roleplay.
2.)    Do you have any knowledge of the 10 codes: Yes, as on previous server I played a cop but I’m still learning them.
I do also know military Phonetic Alphabet
Do you accept the roles and responsibility of the Los Santos Medical Department? Yes
Dear Mr./Mrs. Vostrikova,

We would like to congratulate you on making it to the interview phase. You need to proceed to the teamspeak - and patiently wait in the “Waiting For Interview”  channel. You need to study this document before attending LSMD SOPs. Messaging a higher up will only delay this process. You have a week from time of acceptance to pass your interview, We look forward to working with you in the field, good luck!

Yours sincerely,
Employment Division,
Los Santos Medical Department.

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