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Tyson Oswald Vs Deputy 600 Rocco woodson
Plaintiff Name: Tyson Oswald

Plaintiff Discord Tag (Ex: TheJNeighbor#0069): Mythical#9216

Assailant Name: Rocco Woodson D-600

Assailant Discord Tag(Ex: TheJNeighbor#0069): MonkeyGhost-#3092

Reason for Case: Deputy Rocco Woodson Accuses me of Kidnapping him when voluntarily got into my Vehicle. then once we got into a shoot out Deputy Rocco Woodson Use His AR on Tyson Oswald when he was holding a pistol. Rocco Was using excessive force with the intent of killing me.   

Evidence/Facts of Case: Called to dispatch that I was kidnapping him, Jumped out of a vehicle moving at 70 mph+, Lucifer Erah Witnessed Rocco shoot at me with the AR with the intent to kill me.   

Type of Case (Civil/Criminal): Civil 

What rights/what was violated: Matching force, AR vs Pistol 

Explain Damages and What you expect back: For my fines and charges to be Cleared off my record and A compensation of 350-500k for Rocco's intent of ending my life

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