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BCSO is dead <3
Plantiff Name: Mason Dox

Plantiff Discord Tag (Ex: TheJNeighbor#0069): doxially#0059

Assailant Name: Rocco Woodson | D-600

Assailant Discord Tag(Ex: TheJNeighbor#0069): [b][b][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]MonkeyGhost-#3092[/b][/b][/color]


Reason for Case: Unnecessary force by the BCSO and Improper training by the BCSO

Evidence/Facts of Case: I will start before the event took place. The ballas rolled upon us and they were harassing us all day. I then proceeded to make sure our hood was safe then Rocco pulled up in an unmarked LSPD car with Dani Longpipe. The first problem there was he was doing a ride-along in an unmarked car and what doesn't make the situation any better than it was an LSPD car, not a BCSO car. He also had a very well known criminal named Dani Longpipe in his car doing a "ride-along" which you can do ride-along with criminals. Dani also admitted multiple times to shooting at us with the ballas to the cop and admitted to running the black market with the cop doing nothing about it. Now after I was shot dead by the unnecessary force by the BCSO which I will get into in a second I was brought to the hospital and when getting treated by a doctor instead of being heald at non-lethal and tasering me if I pulled out a gun he pulled out an AR and shot me dead again which racked up more medical bills. He then held me and cuffed me right after getting up which was not necessary when he could have just held a taser since he has god "aim". The unnecessary force comes into play there and in the hood where you killed 5 people with sns pistols with an AR. Only one person had a class 2 and it was a machine pistol but he was dealt with before any of the other stuff went down. I then was brought down to MRPD while being harassed by his ride-along with him doing nothing. Also, Rocco is helping the Ballas and riding with them trying to kill other gangs when he is the only cop on duty and I have witnesses for that. I have more to explain if needed in the future if needed but for now, this is all.

Type of Case (Civil/Criminal): Criminal

What rights/what was violated: Imma guess my 2nd Amendment and 1st. I don't know anything else that was violated hopefully the judge could help me out?

Explain Damages and What you expect back: I lost all my stuff, Guns, Money (dirty over 120k) and lots of hospital bills. Along with all my gang's hospital bills and guns. I expect over $450,000 back in damages and lost items along with a demotion or retraining of this officer.

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