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Iris and Sammy
Iris Wells was born in a large town outside of Chicago, where she spent her days working the night shift at her local coffee shop. She watched in awe every time ambulances sped past, dreaming about the day that she, too, would be able to save a life. With the little coins she saved from tips at her coffee job, Iris attended the nursing program at her local university. However, things went south when her mother Jasmine Wells was diagnosed with breast cancer. As an attempt to save her mother, all of Iris’ savings went into chemo but unfortunately… her mother passed away. Heartbroken and newly poor, Iris found herself kicked out of her university after missing her tuition payment and on the side of the road after missing her rent. Not yet discouraged, Iris became a volunteer paramedic in hopes that one day she will achieve her dreams. At the same time, she watched as firemen ran into buildings and saved people as well as animals. Hoping to become one of those people, Iris moved to Los Santos in hopes of becoming a medic and may be part of a fire department.
Sammy Barline lived in a small burrow on the outskirts of New York City, which was quite unusual. In her burrow, everyone knew everyone and all the kids had grown up together since elementary school. However, in that very neighborhood, mafia activity was very frequent and regular. One day, one of the mafia boys took a liking to Sammy and even tried to make a move on her. Being several years younger than the boy, Sammy declined which made the mafia boy and the rest of the mafia angry. In retaliation, the mafia kidnapped both of Sammy's parents and they were never seen again. The custody of Sammy was given to a family friend and Sammy continued to live in that same area even after the incident. Gang wars were also pretty regular but nothing major happened until one day... a full gang war broke out in Sammy's neighborhood. After the shots died down, Sammy went outside to see her best friend Tabatha bleeding out, bullet wounds in her chest. Sammy held her best friend as she died and vowed to make a better life in remembrance of her friend who didn't live a good life. Sammy was then put in foster care but never found a loving family, aging out of the foster care program. After leaving New York, Sammy moved to Los Santos in hopes of finding a better life for herself. 

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