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Lost all money due to bug at new car shop, near grove.
Name: Hashimoto

SteamID: 76561198082839948

Date This Happened: 9/8/2019 @ 2:30am EST

What was lost: $1,690,000

How it was lost (if you know): I went to the new car dealer ship near grove, Bought a Hellcat demon. It was 810,000$. I pressed enter twice, then pressed E. Everything went invis then my balance was 74,135$. A broken system, like this should be fine tuned. It should be just like PDM, (Press Buy, and car spawns)

Evidence of How it was lost: 
Can't replicate it because I have no money to get charged.

By posting this I hereby affirm that the statements and evidence I am getting are truthful and are to the best of my knowledge. Staff member Cory was also there.
[Image: 9avvWi5.jpg]
Request accepted.

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