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Lost 300k
Player Compensation Report
Please keep in mind lying, reporting falsely, or attempting to break the compensation system for financial gain will be seen as exploiting.

You must provide a screenshot/vod of before and after losing items, he-said she-said will not work.

Name: Esteban Gonzalez

SteamID: 76561198797947518

Date This Happened: 9/7/19 4:40 PST

What was lost: 300k Clean Money

How it was lost (if you know): I was checking out the new flywheels, and i clicked on turbo to see if i had it, but doing so made me purchase 300k worth of turbo that i already had.

Evidence of How it was lost: None

Evidence of What was Lost: None, i do hope there is a way to check the logs or something though

By posting this I hereby affirm that the statements and evidence I am getting are truthful and are to the best of my knowledge.

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