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LSMD Application - Alexa Thotticus
What is your discord Username(example: John#1234)?: DandelionDD#0069

Steam ID64: 76561198085392030

What is your age?: 24

What is your Time Zone?: EST

What times are you normally active on the server?: Uhhhhhh gimme uhhh bacon cheeseburger and a 2 liter coke (Usually evening time)

Do you have a working microphone?: Yuhhh

Have you ever received any form of punishment from the Kingpin Staff team, (On any characters)?: I got a ban for I don't even remember actually

Tell us a little bit about yourself?: I call Jneighbor daddy in the sheets and dumbass in the streets :weary: 

Has your character ever been convicted of any crime, by any Kingpin Law enforcement agency?: Nope

In Character Information

What is your Roleplay Name?: Alexa Thotticus

Tell us a little bit about yourself (IC Information): She flew into town when she heart that her sister Siri Thotticus (Former Medical Director and now Senior Paramedic) was hit by a car and put in a medically induced coma. Siri and Alexa never got along well because Alexa hated their mother Tripp. She only flew into town after hearing of what happened to Siri and finding out her mother is no longer in town.

How long have you been a citizen of KingpinRP? Since before whoever is reading this application joined unless it's Shiba

Do you have any previous Medical experience (on any servers, games, ect.)? I was MD.
 I made this :^). *James and I*

Why would you like to join the Los Santos Medical Department?: (Minimum 300 characters) I love you all even though you're a bunch of fucking shitheads
Also Alexa wants to help fill in since in her home town she is a member of their medical department. She wants to help out as best she can while her sister is in a coma. She also believes people depend on Siri a lot and doesn't want them to be left in the dust because someone hit her sister with a car.

Why do you feel you would make a good medic in the LSMD? (Minimum 300 characters): I try my best. I've messed up in the past, but I still love medic RP, even though sometimes it can cause me issues, I absolutely adore it.


Do you understand what is expected as being a member of the Los Santos Medical Department: Ya yeet

Do you understand, If accepted as a member of the LSMD, You can not be allowed to act in the capacity of a criminal on this character slot: Yee haw

As a Medic you would be required to swap over from your civ character if needed. Would you be willing to do this at very short notice?  Always <3 

By signing with my character name below, I hereby attest that I fully understand and agree with all terms and rules established by the KingpinRP Community, and that I do so of my own free will.

Alexa Thotticus
Dear Mr./Mrs. Thotticus

We would like to congratulate you on making it to the interview phase. You need to proceed to the teamspeak - and patiently wait in the “Waiting For Interview”  channel. You need to study this document before attending LSMD SOPs. Messaging a higher up will only delay this process. You have a week from time of acceptance to pass your interview, We look forward to working with you in the field, good luck!

Yours sincerely,
Employment Division,
Los Santos Medical Department.

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