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Lawsuit against Shaun Vance D-710
Plantiff Name: Isiah Wright

Plantiff Discord Tag : Xyfite#4669

Assailant Name: Shaun Vance

Assailant Discord Tag: Success#5603


Reason for Case: Shaun Vance had shot my tire, after no words were said, he had a gun aimed at me said nothing in fear of my life, in my vehicle i start to back out and then he shoots my tire, again with no words said

Evidence/Facts of Case: DOJ saw, had a large audience that can attest to my statements

Type of Case (Civil/Criminal): Civil

What rights/what was violated: the officer did not speak, the officer did not give commands, he just simply pointed and shot my tire, violation of my life

Explain Damages and What you expect back: i need new tires now and my old ones were $10000 to begin with, i am heavily mentally distorted, i want 200000$ in total for all the sleepless nights to come along with, the medications that will have to be prescribed to me, i also want him no where near a gun as he does not know when to use such lethal force, for no reason at all


typo* $500000

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