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Warrant Request Format
Officer's Name:

Officer's Discord Tag (Ex: TheJNeighbor#0069):

Assailant Name:

[b]Assailant Discord Tag(Ex: TheJNeighbor#0069):[/b]


Reason for Warrant:

Probable Cause/Evidence:

Special Requests:
Night Service: (Allows for the warrant to be served at night)
No-Knock Entry: (Allows for the warrant to be served with a no-knock entry)
Sealing Order: (Allows for the warrant/information to be sealed)
Covert Warrant: (Allow for the warrant to be served covertly without the knowledge of the person)http://kingpinrp.net/newreply.php?tid=1332
Time Extension: (Allow for the warrant to be served in 72 hour period instead of 24h.

Reasoning for Special Requests:

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