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Lucas Dalts DOJ Application
DOJ Application Format

In Game Name: Lucas Dalts

Discord Tag: habsrule#2382

SteamID64: 76561198130300633

OOC Age: 19


Do you have any legal experience pre-applying for the DOJ?

I do not have any legal experience legally.

Why do you want to be a member of the DOJ?

I would like to be a member of the DOJ to assist in helping out the DOJ but also being an outlet to citizens in the city of Los Santos. I want to help people in every way possible. If that means representing criminals who were unjustly convicted of crimes by the police or the complete opposite spectrum and helping someone who wants to sue another individual. I want to do it all and I feel that if I join the DOJ I may be able to help a lot of people, which is my goal.

What skills do you bring to the table in terms of the DOJ, and how will they help? 

Skills that I bring to the table would mostly have to deal with talking. I’ve been told by quite a few people in my life that I can talk my way out of any situation which I feel like is a good strong suit in terms of the DOJ. I also like explaining situations to people in a clear and concise way which is sometimes really needed. Other than that I am not too sure as I’ve never been a part of a Dpt. of Justice so I think this would be a great learning experience for me in the long run.

Do you understand the obligations of being apart of the department of justice?

[Image: RtarXNAXVK6kP9DTyTMSJq1BXV21klbKE6Q9gguh...7zBDQOLdwP]
Department of Justice

State of California

Dear Mr./Mrs. Dalts, 

The Department of Justice’s Employment Division would love to inform you that your application has met all of the necessary elements to be accepted for an interview. This interview will take place in game, and will be scheduled for a specific date, if you cannot make that date, feel free to message a member of the 
“Justice” role for further instructions.

Your Interview has been scheduled for:
14, August 2019, 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Thank You,
Department of Justice
Employment Division
Closing Thread
[Image: RtarXNAXVK6kP9DTyTMSJq1BXV21klbKE6Q9gguh...7zBDQOLdwP]
Department of Justice
State of California

Dear Mr./Mrs. Dalts, 

The Department of Justice would like to inform you that you have passed the Application/Interview Process of the Department of Justice. You have done an amazing job and we are glad to be working with you in the future.

Your Rank: Public Defender
Your BAR ID: 006


Thank You,
Department of Justice
Employment Division

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