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My LSMD Application

1.)Real Age: 18
2.)Steam ID 64: 76561198414053828
3.)Global Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4)
4.)What times are you normally active on the server?: Anywhere around 2pm - 2am.
5.)How long have you been actively playing on the server?: About a week.
6.)Have you ever received any form of punishment from the Kingpin Staff team?: No.
7.) Has your character ever been convicted of any crime, by any Kingpin Law enforcement agency? (DO NOT LIE): Clean record so far.
8.) What is your Discord ID?: LIME#0598

General Questions
1.) current RP Name: David Adams
2.) requested EMT Name: David Adams
3.) why do you want to join the Los Santos Medical Department? (Minimum of 200 characters): I think that roleplaying as medical staff would be fun and something new for me and I’ve been told by multiple people that the server is in need of more medical staff so now seems like the perfect time to apply although I am new to the server.

4.) Why do you feel you would make a good EMT in the LSMD? (Minimum of 300 characters): I would make a good EMT because there are few EMT’s in the server to begin with and I spend a lot of time on the server and I’m very flexible in terms of what hours I will be on the server. Im also active in the discord so if I’m needed to be on the server then I will know. My character also seems to be very fit to be an EMT and I believe belongs in that job position. 

5.) Previous Medical experience (if none that's okay to)? No.

6.) What is professionalism to you, and why is it important?: I think professionalism makes for great rp especially in the position of an EMT. But obviously some messing around is fun because it is rp.

7.)Does your character use any drugs? My character has only smoked some weed.

Knowledge Questions

1.) Explain what RDM, and VDM is: RDM to me means killing someone or injuring someone without a reason, and VDM is basically the same thing but in terms of vehicles and running people over/crashing into other players.

2.)Explain what NLR is. Why is this rule in effect?: When you die, if the character continues living then the character must forget any interaction involving the death, this rule makes it so that you don’t have to kill off/perma any character that dies.

3.) Do you have any knowledge of the 10 codes: I have a lot of knowledge on the 10 codes from other roleplaying.

Do you accept the roles and responsibility of the Los Santos Medical Department? Absolutely and can’t wait for a responses, Thanks.
Dear Mr. Adams,

We would like to congratulate you on making it to the interview phase. You need to proceed to the teamspeak - and patiently wait in the “Waiting For Interview”  channel. You need to study this document before attending LSMD SOPs. Messaging a higher up will only delay this process. You have a week from time of acceptance to pass your interview, We look forward to working with you in the field, good luck!

Yours sincerely,
Employment Division,
Los Santos Medical Department.

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