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BJ2 Tuning
Character Name:Boris Gleginski, Jack Martin, Joey Eggs
Business name:BJ2 Tuning
What exactly does this business do?:
 1.0 Executive Summary
  The purpose of this business plan is to raise $150,000 for the development of an automotive shop with a focus on performance enhancing services while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years. BJ2 Tuning is a Los Santos based corporation that will provide performance enhancing automotive services and part sales to customers in its targeted market. The Company was founded by Boris Gleginski, Jack Martin and Joey Eggs.
1.1 Products and Services
  BJ2 Tuning will be actively engaged in the business of providing automobile tuning and performance enhancing services to the general public. Through the shop, the business will be able to install and enhance a stock vehicle’s performance and/or superficial features. From time to time, the business will also "ACQUIRE" stock vehicles with the intent on increasing the car’s value by adding several performance and profile enhancing features. This, coupled with the automotive tuning/upgrade services offered by the Company, will provide the business with highly predictable revenue streams on a year round basis.
  When we use the language "ACQUIRE" we mean steal other cars from time to time in order to upgrade and turn it for profit. We would like this business to overtake "Flywheels". The owner operator works for police and many of the customers do not like to engage in business with this entity.
As the DOJ is not a bank, we do not create loans for you to "create a business."
It will cost more than $150k as well to own a business, have the licensing fees, and pay for the cars, it's an expensive process. Depending on where you set up shop the expenses change.

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