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1.)Real Age: 18

2.)Steam ID 64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198884163985/
3.)Global Time Zone. (Ex. Eastern US time, UTC -4): Central
4.)What times are you normally active on the server?: 5-10pm 
5.)How long have you been actively playing on the server?: Probably almost a month now.
6.)Have you ever received any form of punishment from the Kingpin Staff team?:No 
7.) Has your character ever been convicted of any crime, by any Kingpin Law enforcement agency? (DO NOT LIE): No
8.) What is your Discord ID? (example: John#6187):Isaac#0996

General Questions
1.) current RP Name: Thomas Jackson
2.) requested EMT Name: Thomas Jackson
3.) why do you want to join the Los Santos Medical Department? (Minimum of 200 characters): 
I would love to be apart of the of the LSMD because I want to to help the city grow and i think i would help out a lot and i would try to pickup any notification i get but also stay out of danger at the same time. 

4.) Why do you feel you would make a good EMT in the LSMD? (Minimum of 300 characters): 
I think that I would I would be a perfect fit in the EMT because I would not slack off for a second and like I said try to do my best at responding to every call I get the fastest I can but without staying clear of danger. If the person is all the way in Paleto Bay and i was at the airport i would still try too get there

5.) Previous Medical experience (if none that's okay to)? 
Not that much.

6.) What is professionalism to you, and why is it important?:
Professionalism is how serious you willing to take something and use your knowledge in that thing and try your best. That is what im going too do for the EMT. 

7.)Does your character use any drugs?

Knowledge Questions

1.) Explain what RDM, and VDM is:
RDM is killing someone for no reason  and VDM is is running someone over for no reason.

2.)Explain what NLR is. Why is this rule in effect?:
NLR is when you forget almost everything from your past life and this rule is in place because people would keep grudges and go to the same place over and over again. 

3.) Do you have any knowledge of the 10 codes:
Not that much. 

Do you accept the roles and responsibility of the Los Santos Medical Department?
Dear Mr./Mrs. Jackson,

We would like to inform you that you have not been accepted to be interviewed for a position within the Los Santos Medical Department. You must wait 24 hours before attempting to re-apply. Please reflect on the reasons for denial stated below, and do your best next time.

Reason For Denial: Previous application denied because of minimum age requirement not met. 

Yours sincerely,
Employment Division,
                                                                                                            Los Santos Medical Department.

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