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Diamond Dogs Gang/organisation/company
Character Name: Vito Jones
Business name: Diamond Dogs
What exactly does this business do:  DD – Diamond Dogs is am a formal Gang/organisation/company. We would like to get into big time drugs and guns also We would own the VU Strip club and make it our HQ and business front for customers to have good fun and pleasure.
Here is where it is on the map and what it looks like
[Image: vanilla-unicorn.jpg]
[Image: DFJnivKG3WDCN333y94W_08_44671e5e4cdcf347..._image.png]
[Image: 56c4f817056085bc8765ed98e7e27526.png]
[Image: 8728b5-2015-10-04_00020.jpg] I as Vito Jones would be the owner and run the VU, I will be hiring people for these jobs:
Dancers (only girls)
Head bouncer
(also, I will be looking for a partner for this establishment)
What will VU have inside and how will it make money. There’s an office in the back for the owner, there’s a changing room for the dancers, there’s a private lap dance room, and much more. The main money maker for VU is when customers come in and pay for drinks and private lap dancers. My girls will make some money offside if they would like to but it’s up to them.
Bouncers will make money each night after their shift $100 up to $2000, depends on how good they are at throwing people out and making sure customers don’t touch or get my girls hurt.
Bartenders will make money off how many drinks they sell each night.
Also, in the future I’m hoping to wash money at the VU as well.
Opening hours for VU:
(5pm – 2am on Monday Tuesday Friday and weekends)
(For staff and developers)
If this gets approved, I would like to have lockable doors and a safe/storage in the office as well maybe down the future washing money in the office.
About Vito Jones and the diamond dogs
Vito Jones back story:

Vito Jones was born on 23/3/1990 in a town called Newcastle in Australia. He’s Mother Rebecca Jones and his father is Unknown. Sadly, Rebecca died giving birth to Vito, so Rebecca’s mother Marry Jones and father Bill Jones had to take care of Vito until he was old enough to take care of himself. Vito was a very Quiet kid not much of a talker compared to now. Vito also was a planer, he would always think outside of the box and planed ahead. When Vito was 16, when his grandparents told him about his mother and father. Vito was so devastated, from that day on he would never talk about his parents, he has kept that pain and sadness in heart for a long time. When Vito was 18, he done some time in prison for 2 years for drug dealing and destruction of public property and some other stuff. When he got out of prison in 2010 his plan was to run a gang. It was called Diamond Dogs it was not a big gang just little drug dealing and a bit of gang beef. The gang went on for about 2 years until all his gang members turned against him. When Vito was 23, he went and join the Australian army and spent about 3 years and then left he learnt a lot of skills like, how to use a gun how to lead a squad/team, survival skills and much more. When he was still in the army his call sign was Diamond Dog. He was a killer a good one too. When Vito was 26 and left the army. His dream was to get rich, start Diamond Dogs again and make them a company/organisation/syndicate, and also get them in to big time drugs and guns and make allies and new friends and buy a front like a strip club to do business, and also have a family, have a wife and kids and a nice big house for them. Now its 2019 his 29 it’s a new fresh start for him. He is planning to move to Los Santos to follow his dreams and goals in life.

I made a Diamond Dogs power point witch I cant show on here, please contact me on discord or steam to have a look.
 If anyone has questions, please ask
Discord: Diamond dog #7773
Steam: Diamond Dog
They are the best ways to contact me
 [Image: 180836.f56.3c114S7ay1Cm2MjUAAA-650x650-b-p.jpg]
Thank you
 Diamond Dog
Please contact #TheJNeighbour#0069 for more information regarding this business application.

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