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LSMD Application [Archer Young]
Out of Character Information

What is your discord Username: Cloudy T Boy

Steam ID64:STEAM_0:0:178348458 

What is your age?:18

What is your Time Zone?: PST

What times are you normally active on the server?: Usually afternoons/late nights

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes

Have you ever received any form of punishment from the Kingpin Staff team, (On any characters)?:i got a 4 hour ban once for being in an instanced session though i was unaware.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?: I am 18 so It may be an assumption that i am immature or not serious but i assure you that is not the case. I’ve been into rp since i was real young. FiveM is something i very recently got into but it has swallowed my life entirely. I enjoy the rp quite a lot and is something i’m lowkey pretty passionate about.

Has your character ever been convicted of any crime, by any Kingpin Law enforcement agency?:This Character has not been convicted of any said crime.

In Character Information

What is your Roleplay Name?: Archer Young

Tell us a little bit about yourself (IC Information): i'm 22 years old New to the city, currently working as a butcher. Fishes on the side. Life long Dream of being a medic in the LSMD

How long have you been a citizen of KingpinRP?Archer is a week ish old in the city but feels very comfortable in it, as Cloud Walker(other Character) has had a lot of time in the city.

Do you have any previous Medical experience (on any servers, games, ect.)? No previous medical experience but have had many encounters with other medically trained professionals

Why would you like to join the Los Santos Medical Department?: (Minimum 300 characters) I would like to join the Los Santos medical Department in hopes to save lives in the city and to push more interactions throughout the city. In joining i have hopes that the city may one become a safer place and two if it doesn’t become a safer place i will be there to help control it. I look up to those who save lives. It doesn’t seem like an easy job which is why i’m willing to push myself to be that helping hand the city and it’s people need.

Why do you feel you would make a good medic in the LSMD? (Minimum 300 characters):

 I would make a good medic in the LSMD because i wish to save lives and make the best of every situation. I will guarantee safety in the city and prove my loyalty to Los Santos and it’s people. I will push myself to the best of my abilities and won’t settle for anything less. I will be active in the city therefore the people will have a shoulder to lean on and a bag of ice when needed. I Archer Young will save countless lives and will aid the people of Los Santos When i’m called upon. 

Do you understand what is expected as being a member of the Los Santos Medical Department: Yes

Do you understand, If accepted as a member of the LSMD, You can not be allowed to act in the capacity of a criminal on this character slot: Yes

As a Medic you would be required to swap over from your civ character if needed. Would you be willing to do this at very short notice?Yes

By signing with my character name below, I hereby attest that I fully understand and agree with all terms and rules established by the KingpinRP Community, and that I do so of my own free will.  

              Future Medic in the LSMD 
                     Archer Young
Dear Mr.Young,

We would like to congratulate you on making it to the interview phase. You need to proceed to the teamspeak - and patiently wait in the “Waiting For Interview”  channel. You need to study this document before attending LSMD SOPs. Messaging a higher up will only delay this process. You have a week from time of acceptance to pass your interview, We look forward to working with you in the field, good luck!

Yours sincerely,
Employment Division,
Los Santos Medical Department.

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