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i lost all of my stuff to a hacker
Name: Evan

SteamID: Civ-306 | Evan

Date This Happened: 7/8/2019

What was lost:486,542$ ,Combat pistol, fishing rod, 25 bait, 2 hamburgrers, 3 waters

How it was lost (if you know): A hacker came in the server and sent me to jail for 696968 minutes then killed me with explosions so i lost everything i had

Evidence of How it was lost: irishkraken is able to back this up
Evidence of What was Lost: i was on my way to buy a new car after fishing for like 5 hours and the hacker came on, i saved up all of my money to buy a new car because i still have a panto
Compensation report accepted and your account has been edited to reflect this.

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