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Poll: Should the Cloud's Den club be introduced into the city?
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Business Application (Cloud's Den)
Character Name:Cloud Walker
Business name:Cloud’s Den
What exactly does this business do?: This business is going to be a club. I hope for it to be an area for people to get together to push more rp interactions. I want people to come here to relax and have a good time. Now as far as features go it would be great if the club had capable dancers. Where customers can receive dances from them there and the money would be going towards the club.The club would serve alcohol as well but not sure if that money would be able to be given to the Owner of club or to the bar itself. The club could host Parties, concerts any kind of enertainment you could think of. Could also think of the club as a sort of peacekeeper. No gang activity is gonna be allowed at this club for example if the crips and vagos come in i expect there to be no beef. (this would also push more rp interactions) Everybody would be welcome to come on down and have a good time. (prostitution could be something as well) no laws against it.
What club would be owned for this business, as you've named a den, you haven't placed a location, a screenshot, a business motto, or even a business necessity other than "strippers" is there anything else coming from this business?

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