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Hey guys my name is Colton but I go by goose_thegreat or just Goose! IRL I'm a 23 year old college student trying to earn my degree in Communication. I have a part time job and have done roleplay before but not in a "serious" manner. I recently was hooked by the blow up of GTA RP on Twitch and wanted to try my hand at it. I'm an affiliate on Twitch and I'm looking stream some GTA RP. 

In game I have a couple of characters but right now my most developed character is Trey Backoff. The annoying asshole who never left his hometown and always reminisces on his days in high school. I mean come on why wouldn't he? He played JV Football as a freshman! He is an entrepreneur who is looking to scout others to join his pyramid... I mean multi-level marketing team. Until he builds his empire he can be seen as a tabloid reporter, camera man, and a taxi driver! If you ever have the misfortune of meeting him please don't challenge verbally or physically because he will talk tough at first but then back-off immediately once conflict arises.

I hope to see you guys in game and look forward to creating some amazing stories!

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