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Lost Comp
Steam Name: "Kronix_cookie" but my display name is "Shervin"

Character name on the server "Beneth King" 

Lost Items:

The server was lagging and it did the thing where you cant select your character and I lost and UZI after the reset

I took out an UZI and sold it to someone, and the server crashed and when we got on it got rolled back. The person I sold the UZI told me he kept his money so I sold him another one of my UZI's but the UZI that I took and gave him earlier before the reset is gone. 

I have a  bunch of screenshots of when my apartment inventory but it looks like they are all tiny for some reason. :/ All I did was click f12. Is there a way I can make the picture larger? 

[Image: BGHHc1w]

Cordially yours,
I'm confused on your recall of the situation. I'm going to state what I believe your are saying, please correct me if I'm wrong. The server was lagging on login. Once you got in game you sold an uzi to someone and the server went down for a restart.

If what I described above is the case, we don't compensate players for losses on announced restarts. It's the players responsibility to listen to the warnings and get to a safe place to log out. If it wasn't an announced restart but was instead a server crash, then you will most likely be able to receive compensation with evidence of the items lost.

Currently the evidence you have supplied is not enough to receive compensation. We require bare minimum pictures of the lost items, but prefer video evidence. Feel free to reply to this thread with any possible evidence you have and further elaboration on the situation at hand; Until then, this request is denied.

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