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Lost Comp
Steam Name: "Kronix_cookie" but my display name is "Shervin"

Character name on the server "Beneth King" 

Lost amount 201K

Hello, Smile

I spent 2 weeks saving up to buy my dream car, the Aston Martin DB11 (The black one) 

The car does not allow me to add any modifications on it. They allow me to buy them (and I have spent thousands on them) but right when I leave the garage they disappear. 

This car looks nice but it is slower then most stock cars off the street and it is definitely not worth all the hours I spent to get it. If I spent less on it I would just bite the bullet but I would lose 100K if I sold it to the dealership. 

I only feel like I should get a return because when I asked about modifying the car other players said I could, and 100K is a lot of money & it took me a long time to get it so I really do not want to lose it. 

I know this is not formal but I would really appreciate a return on the car. I will never ask again if this is accepted Smile

Thank you for reading and have a good day

Cordially yours,

Ps. if you do decide to return the car it shows up as "NULL:" in my garage :/ but you can check the logs to see I am telling the truth (unless you can spawn it in lol) 
Thank you for the report.
The majority of custom cars are broken in terms of upgrades and it's advised you avoid them from now on while looking for an upgrade.
You are eligible for compensation of 100K under the condition you sell the Aston Martin (The other 100k).
This is a one time offer, and in future instances of this occurring you will not be compensated. Request an in city admin for your compensation when you find the time.

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