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Compensation for apartment wipe.
Player Compensation Report
Please keep in mind lying, reporting falsely, or attempting to break the compensation system for financial gain will be seen as exploiting.

You must provide a screenshot/vod of before and after losing items, he-said she-said will not work.

Name: CptSaveAHoe
IGN:Jax Mathews

Date This Happened: 5/22/2019 The day of apartment wipe after server crashed for Hours.

What was lost: Assult Rifle (191) Taser (100) Pistol (100) Micro Smg (238)
The rest seems to come and go. Idk what's wrong with my apartment. I can live without the rest.

How it was lost (if you know): Apartment wipe after server was messed up for Hours.

Evidence of How it was lost: Apartment wipe.

Evidence of What was Lost: Attached pics.
[Image: 1hetu23l.jpg]

[Image: NyDLSySl.jpg]

By posting this I hereby affirm that the statements and evidence I am getting are truthful and are to the best of my knowledge.
For future notice, the text in the screenshots is illegible and could lead to future compensation requests being denied. I'd suggest taking screenshots at a resolution higher than 640x350. As for apartments getting wiped, we ended up not compensating people for the items within their apartments, just for the cost of the apartment. The inventories of the apartments were saved and players were required to re-purchase their apartments to get their items back. If you have proof of which apartment you owned, you can post that evidence as a reply to this thread and you will be compensated for the purchase price to get your apartment back.
This is not from the mass apartment wipe. This is after, During the time the server shut down for like 6+ hours because the dude from wherever couldn't fix the plugs. It was during our server issue. After we got the server back all my stuff in apartment was gone. I tried to get that announcement from that time off discord but it was removed. Hope this helped.
Request closed due to the terms of a recent appeal.

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