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Mechanic Job
To start... Unfortunately the mechanic job is not currently being worked on of this date posted. But you can do impounds and tows using the flatbed truck. 

To become a mechanic, Go to the Job Center and select mechanic, you should see the title Mechanic on the top right hand corner. (It will always say Recruit.) The Next step is to drive to Los Santos Customs with the Yellow Icon, this is the Los Santos Customs near the Vinewood area close to Taquila-la. Walk into the Garage Door once it opens and immediately on your left will be a marker. DO NOT change your clothing to the mechanics clothing that is also not working. You will notice that there is a withdraw items and deposit items section on that list. If you use that just beware because it is known to not save your items.

What you will want is the first section for "vehicle list". There is 3 options, a flatbed, that is actually a flatbed, this is the main vehicle that can tow. Then there is another vehicle listed as flatbed, but it is actually a highway clearance vehicle with a hook on it, that is also not functioning, but is great for RP. Lastly is the "tow truck" which is the smaller, rustic hook truck, which is also great for RP & its hook kind of works, if you keep to slow speeds. The last two trucks mentioned have working amber lights, but the first flatbed truck does not so use your hazards as an amber. Vehicle mods are minimum to these vehicles, just paint and plates work on them, but do not stay on the vehicle once it is gone, or returned to the depot.

Good things about mechanics are that we have a F6 menu, you will have the capability to drop traffic cones, a toolbox, to impound vehicles (you have to be in the vehicle to impound it), to flatbed it with the flatbed truck. As a mechanic I recommend purchasing a few repair kits, a Jerrycan, and some drinking/food supply's. Customers tend to not have these things or will need repairs. 

Lastly as a mechanic you have a "Clean" option which will allow you to clean the dirt and grime off your vehicle on command. 

YES, being a mechanic doesn't have to many options, and the base pay of $450 is not great, but with great advertisement/tweeting/communication it can be a rewarding field.

Good Luck out there!

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