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Lost Comp
Steam Name: "Kronix_cookie" but my display name is "Shervin"

Character name on the server "Jim Curry" 


A hacker came on the server and blew everything and everyone up by what it looks like.

He killed everyone and then type "Everyone go to this discord" in chat. 

I don't know how to value my loss but it is about 2 hours of my life and 200 meth turned into crystals. 

I really enjoy this server and it was going so well until 2 nights ago when it started going down randomly. The sever was going well today and I thought "Ok well Ill try some drugs" to finally make some money after losing so much because of the resets. Then I get blown up by a hacker before I can sell it. :/

I don't have a value but I would appreciate anything. I only am making this post because I really love this server. If this happened on any other one I would have already quit by now.
my buddy gave me some of his meth that he had to help so u can just let it go I guess considering no one is responding :(

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