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Balancing Fines for Counterfeit Currency?
I know its all like risk-reward type deal where if you want to rob a bank you are putting yourself at risk for a big fine, in my opinion the way the counterfeit money fine is scaled seems a bit unfair and kind of neglects the RP aspect.

In no way is this thread a "shitpost" or about me crying about having a fine, I am just curious and would love for some outside opinions.

First off, I wanted to express that after a bank robbery my accomplice that was in similar or *worse* standing in-terms of his record got a fine of $7,000 which was probably Armed Robbery, Attempted Murder and other things right, 7,000 is a pretty fair and maybe a bit nice. 

So when I got my fines because I had the counterfeit money on me I got a $41,000 fine. Keep in mind I had no previous criminal record so I wasn't receiving back end charges from felonies in the past or anything. Keeping this in mind, its fairly obvious that the fine for counterfeit money is just absolutely insane. Would love to hear any opinions on this, I don't care about money that much but the robberies are all about the RP content. 

If you want my opinion I think counterfeit money should scale 3 times  

3rd Degree Marked Bills Fine: $3,000 - ($0 - $9,999 Counterfeit (Dirty)
2nd Degree Marked Bills Fine: $5,000 - ($10,000 - $99,999 (Dirty)
1st Degree Marked Bills Fine: $12,500 and scaling depending on amount of currency - ($100,000 - $999,999,999,999^ (Dirty)

Right now basically they give the Marked Bills fine x(the amount of currency you have) so I had 72,000 so I was charged that fine 72,000 times lol
i agree this is a public server and needs lower fines/jail times

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