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APT wipe compensation
                                                                                  Name: phil macupup


Date This Happened: Inventory lost And APT wipe

What was lost: $194,413 Dirty +236k Clean (APT)

How it was lost (if you know): APT bug and losing apt to wipe

Evidence of How it was lost: Bug and announced wip

Evidence of What was Lost: Money in househttps://imgur.com/a/6pJf1uD No inventory in house or person https://gyazo.com/0494af95b7ea08ee04a48066885c6830 (Inventory wont let me open, its empty and depositing an item didnt let me open it either) - Evidence of APT Ownership and DISOWN  https://gyazo.com/1104258a7cc0ce917ec95c49e85be52e  Picture of gyazo GIF maker from previous gif to show its purchasable (Not owned) [Image: 1782a14adf6b2b7266756e9550f85175.jpg]

By posting this I hereby affirm that the statements and evidence I am getting are truthful and are to the best of my knowledge. 
Thank you for the report.
After reviewing the evidence given, compensation will be granted.
You will receive in compensation: 118k
We will not be compensating for personal belongings and apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
I have a known and confirmed bug with my inventory in ALL apts i buy, even after the wipe.

You cannot remove anything from my storages, the option to remove items is locked out.

@SorryCounter has been in and tested that my APT does not allow withdrawals from storage.
We have followed up on your claims and they have been confirmed. A Developer will look into your issue within the next 48 hours to remedy your inventory issue and return you the items you cannot access. If the situation has not been resolved by this time, please contact an Admin+ via the Discord.
Compensation part 2 accepted. You will be refunded the following:
194,413 Dirty Money
Advanced Rifle
AP Pistol

Thank you for your patience.
Has received compensation.

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