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Cory's Staff Application
Name: Cory | Busta #4252

Age: 25

Timezone / Location: UTC - 6:00 Sask(Canada)

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:7683370

steamID64:  76561197975632468

Tell us about yourself:

I have at the keyboard since I was 5. Avid gamer, tech guru and car enthusiast. My last employment I managed the lumber department of a local building depot. Managed 7 employees, and about $15m in sales annually. Left about a year ago to start my own ventures and investments. Now I own and operate a business of my own and have a part time job on the side. I graded a perfect 100% in Computer Science 20 and graded 95% in Computer Science 30 after developing a single level FPS arcade style game with a unity package. My business is built around printing(advertising), technology, and web design.

Character names on KPRP:
Cory Taylor, Trae Taylor, Cory Chambers, Dean Spectre

How long have you played on KPRP?
About 3 weeks or so. Somewhere in the range of 150-180 hours played.

Do you have previous staff experience? If yes please elaborate on your roles and responsibilities:

2008-2010 I spent with XTCR as an admin on a pair of mini game servers, and jailbreak, helped with the pub CS:S team for competitive. We were across 3 or 4 games at the time. (32-64 slot servers)

2010-2011 I spent in between 6 months and a year as an admin on Orange Cosmos Roleplay, one of the first variations of what we now know as the PERP gamemode on Garry's mod.

2011-2014 Then I worked with Catalyst Gaming as an admin when they took over the OCRP game mode. Also in that time I was admin on their Harbour Roleplay(sea roleplay), and HL2RP servers. Wasn't a huge fan of HL2RP because it seemed lackluster, and one-sided. (30-60 slot)

2014- After that I spent some time playing without a staff role on HellzoneRP, then veered away from the RP scene because it seemed like most people had moved on to Arma or other, newer, platforms.

By 2016 I had reentered the roleplay scene again on Garry's mod, where I stuck with Hellzone(up to 85 slot) and the perp game mode which is pretty much exactly what KPRP is with less detail obv. I obtained a staff position because I just wanted to help make the server a better place and so many had known my name and always had a positive attitude towards me, that it was a waste if I didn't apply for staff. So I spent the next two years on and off the server with and without staff, leaving on a good note when it was time to leave, so I could come back with the same reputation each time.

Duties in general for each community included:
Always playing the game along with the players to build a trust, and to show people the right ways to play and the creative ways to make it more entertaining. Spending my time and in game money helping people, introducing people to the game mode, setting up mass attendance roleplay events, settling disputes between players and reiterating the rules and guidelines of fair roleplay, and dealing with the occasional hacker. I rewrote the entire rules list for Hellzone. Eventually came to the conclusion that Garry's Mod was just outdated and wasn't going much farther in development.

Why do you feel you deserve this position?
You know, every community has this. And I always put the same thing. I don't feel like being on staff is something that is “deserved”. Either you have the skills to help people or you don't. Either you care enough about everyone's experience being fair and smooth, or you don't. I feel like I have the skills to offer, and if you guys want to give me a shot is up to you. I am confident with the rules as this server has some of the most basic fundamentals as the rules, with the occasional specification to clear up the use of a certain tactic or mechanic. I have patience. So much patience. From experience on staff to experience in management positions in customer service fields of employment. I have been praised multiple times on my ability to listen to someone scream in their Mic for 20 minutes, and not only not lose my shit, but take in what is said, and create a conversation that makes the other party feel as if they are truly being heard so they listen to me and I can make more sense of the situation to them, leaving the conversation with a better understanding. . I can make 2 enemies become best friends in the worst of conditions.
IRL I had a customer that was upset because we would not honour a quote from 6 months previous and his shop construction was going to take an extra $25,000. I interrupted him on his way out of the door(swearing he would never shop with us again) brought him into my office, and explained in full detail everything that was going on in a way that he would understand it. That day we ordered his shop package as well as secured another 10,000 in sales with a different roofing option. That's the kind of patience and people skills I possess, and I would love to use that to help this community thrive.

What makes you different from other applicants?
My fluctuating work schedule allows me to be on at different times of day all the time, so I become familiar with all the different players in different timezones.
My patience as stated above.
My inability to show ignorance, because if ever faced with a situation in which my knowledge lacks, I ask the appropriate questions to the right people and ensure that I am properly informed.
My empathy is next level. I care way more for people around me than what is considered healthy. I do way too much to care for people because I can put myself directly in their shoes and feel what they feel.
I spend any time that I am not working or visiting my wife, at my desk. As of late I don't often sit down at my desk without being in discord or in the server. When I'm at work(currently working a menial job that is essentially paid spare time and just opened a local advertising business) I am in the disc answering questions, gathering information, trying to create positive morale, putting heads together and creating relationships with the player base as a whole. I went from a probie to confidently training new players in my department in no time as my superiors are confident in my attitude and knowledge, making sure people are learning the right way to roleplay. I seriously get more joy out of helping people have fun during their stay than I do focusing on my own playtime. Afaik I have not a single enemy on the server. Not trying to sound cocky but everytime I walk into a group of people they immediately know who I am and show a extremely positive reaction towards me. For instance, I've been robbed once. I've had at least a dozen times where people try to rob me, realise who I am(just different clothing) and the situation totally switches and we are having laughs together. I just. Love. People.

In your own words explain what makes good role play:
Good roleplay is all about immersion and creativity. Roleplay is quickly ruined by people that don't understand the rules, making the other parties feel as if the roleplay is unfair and ends in someone breaking immersion. Creativity adds a wow factor that makes roleplay enjoyable. You can totally be yourself but as long as everyone stays in their character for even the shortest period of time you start to write a storyline and that's where it gets good. I understood this from an early age between jailbreak and dungeons and dragons. Without roleplay either of those would just be death match or number crunching. It's like playing a game without visuals. Your character, and the way you play out that character is the difference between GTAO and KPRP. And as long as people understand the mechanics, and the rules, there is seldom a reason to break character. Not that people that break character are to be punished, but when you see someone break character, help them in understanding the different angles in which to approach a situation that keeps the immersion rolling. Once everyone is educated, things sail smooth.

Do you have any extra information to add:
In my honest opinion, my time played reads that I am new. But with my experience, and ability to adapt, I guarantee, that given the opportunity, I would NOT disappoint. But hey, if I don't get the opportunity, it will not stop me from helping in every way I can without a position on the staff and building relationships with people community-wide as I'm really just happy to be a member of this big family.
Cory Taylor / Cory Chambers

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